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1Our specifically designed, live, expert-led classroom courses are designed to maximize content comprehension and best prepare you to pass the CISSP exam while not interfering with your current 9 – 5 work schedule. Our extensive industry experience and research has allowed us to design this unique course, while allowing you to attend for much less of the cost of most other schools.


2TechCert’s expert instructors must demonstrate not only a mastery of the subject matter, but also a critical understanding of the ISC2 exam process.  Further, each expert chosen to instruct an exam preparation course for TechCert must have extensive real-world experience in the ever evolving and demanding field of Information Systems Security.


3The major reasons students choose TechCert for their exam preparation needs in Los Angeles is our philosophy of comprehensive and extended course instruction.  While others schools try to jam this material to you in five days, we spread the course over a few short weeks while coaching, and mentoring you throughout. We even advise on further career development, post-exam.


4When embarking on a certification like the CISSP, we understand that this will mean more than just a bigger paycheck.  This means you will be responsible for protecting important digital assets for your organization.  When taking on this level of responsibility, it helps to have a good support team.


TechCert JW Marriott

This course is held one day per week for 4 weeks with for a total of 40 hours. This schedule is designed for professionals who want CISSP instruction without sacrificing time from work. This weekend schedule allows you to keep your hard earned vacation time. Further, our instructors understand that bootcamp style courses fail to fully prepare you for becoming a CISSP. It is estimated that 90% of information learned in a bootcamp is forgotten just as fast as it was learned. Our 4 week course design affords students the necessary time to fully grasp the material and be able to use this knowledge not only to pass the exam but also in their professional endeavors. Not only is our course design more effective for a lifelong career in information technology security, it is also priced at about 50% the cost of national technology bootcamps like

Class starts promptly at 9am and ends at 6pm, with a 1 hour break. All necessary training materials will be provided with tuition.

Our exclusive 4-week CISSP® Training Course effectively prepares information security professionals to pass the rigorous six-hour CISSP® examination. This is the only 4 week course in Los Angeles designed to familiarize you with the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge® (CBK). This CISSP Training Course encompasses the Official (ISC)² CISSP CBK Review Seminar, value-added instruction, post examination support, and more.

This course is intended for students who possess a minimum of five years of professional experience in the information technoloyg or information security field. As mandated by (ISC)², direct full-time security professional work experience will be required in two or more of the ten (ISC)² CISSP CBK domains.

Relevant job titles include:

  • Computing/Networking/IT Security Security Consultant
  • Computing/Networking/IT Security Engineer
  • Computing/Networking/IT Security Analyst
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Information Security Officer
  • IT Director
  • Information Systems Auditor
  • Security Architect
  • The Tuition for this comprehensive CISSP course includes:

  • CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide Textbook
  • TechCert Custom CISSP Exam Prep Textbook 1
  • TechCert Custom CISSP Exam Prep Textbook 2
  • TechCert CISSP Question and Answer Book
  • Large Comprehensive Exam Review
  • In-Class and Post-Class Mentoring
  • Final CISSP Practice Exam
  • DVD Video of the CISSP Lessons
  • Assorted Snacks
  • Validated Parking

    jw marriott cissp techcert

    TechCert has teamed up with the world famous downtown Los Angeles J.W. Marriott to provide the ultimate learning experience in Los Angeles. Our students will enjoy the luxury and attention to detail that only the J.W. Marriott can provide. During lunch breaks, students can enjoy the several cafe’s located in this hotel – conference center or venture into LA Live for a myriad of food options. This is the premier training venue and TechCert spared no expense arranging this amazing partnership.

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