About TechCert

TechCert is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, providing superior CISSP Accelerated Training to our corporate, education, and individual clients.

Since we started our CISSP training program here in LA county, we have certified students with a 93% success rate. No one else around, in the business of CISSP training comes close.

What drives our success?

  • Students quickly gain comfort and confidence from one of the experts that make up our small crew of elite instructors, each with at least a decade of hands-on, information security, teaching, and exam preparation experience.
  • Proven, effective learning techniques that draw from the knowledge and experience of our expert instructors and our written study guides, group study sessions, lab sessions, and other materials.
  • Our alumni continually praise our unique training design, methods, and attention to detail, in contrast to the assembly-line approach of most national training firms.
  • While all students should have a solid technical background and are ready to learn at a similar pace, our small class sizes provide the individual attention you deserve.
  • Our competitively priced tuition is roughly 50% of national firms, despite the fact that we provide a superior, more effective learning experience.
  • Our experts have real life information technology experience in E-Commerce, Government, Military, Law, Research, Management Consulting, Mass Transit, Financial, and other industries.
  • All this combines to help students understand and master the concepts so that you not only pass the CISSP exam, but effectively utilize the concepts and knowledge to your fullest potential upon return to work.


    TechCert operates primarily in Los Angeles county with some events also held in nearby Orange county. If you wish to make a request for TechCert services both in and out of our primary area, make your detailed requests below:


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    900 W Olympic Blvd
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    TechCert Phone Directory:

    Toll Free Phone: 855-55-CISSP (552-4777)

    Registrar: 855-55-CISSP ext 5
    Billing: 855-55-CISSP ext 6
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